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Spelt porridge was used so much that Plautus described the Romans as pultiphagonides”, puls eaters.

Alimentation is one of the aspects of a culture, whether living or extinct, which cannot be ignored whilst studying the habits of ancient cultures. It reflects daily life so therefore the knowledge of the Roman customs and traditions, as well as their tastes enable us to have a deeper understanding of the Roman civilization which is part of our heritage.

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An incredible journey…

Since September 2017, Cristina Conte and I, the archaeo-cook who collaborated with me for the part dedicated to the ancient recipes re-enacted in the kitchen, have been touring Italy,
and beyond, telling this incredible story of taste and history, visiting many museums, archaeological sites, libraries, bookshops and
cultural places, meeting people and making an incredible journey into the past

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Panem et Circenses is an essay on the world of gladiators to try to find out who these men and women really were. It is a essay about people that were acclaimed, derided, insulted, loved and hated, and simply called “Gladiators”. In fact not may authors dared to try to explain the dark sides of this topic: who they really were?


For a long time the Romans lived on puls, not bread ….

– PlinY THE ELDER, N.H., XVIII, 83-84

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